September 7-8, 2016

Pacific Star Hotel - Chamorro Ballroom
Tumon, Guam

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The 2016 Notary Conference was held on September 7-8, 2016, at the Pacific Star Hotel located in Tumon, Guam.  Guam's Attorney General, the Honorable Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson (Attorney General Barrett-Anderson), hosted the 2-day conference. The attendees included: Guam notaries public; personnel from the Office of the Attorney General of Guam; special guest speaker, the Honorable Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr. of the 33rd Guam Legislature (Senator Rodriguez).  The topics covered included: Strengthening Guam’s Notary Program; Remedies and Liabilities; Notary Basics; Journal and Seal; Certificates and Authentication; Bonding; Notary Law Updates presented by Senator Rodriguez; Introduction of the New National Notary Association (NNA) Webinar Training presented by NNA via teleconference.  

The Notary Conference was held as part of the Attorney General's commitment to revitalize the Office of the Attorney General's support of Guam notaries public and to provide the latest notary information and resources.

Attorney General Barrett-Anderson was awarded the 1994 Achievement Award by the National Association of Notary Public for her modernization of the Guam's Notary Laws when she was previously appointed Attorney General of Guam from 1987-1994.  Upon her election as Attorney General of Guam in 2014, Attorney General Barrett-Anderson committed to re-strengthening Guam's Notary community and garnered support from Senator Rodriguez.

As a guest speaker at the conference, Senator Rodriguez presented on the most current notary law adoption and was able to field questions specific to notarizing documents relating to real estate transactions in foreign countries.  Attendees were also able to participate in a teleconference with NNA with guest speakers Mr. Steven Bastian, Ms. Nicola Jackson, and Ms. Susi Sivkov.  That teleconference included the unveiling of NNA’s online webinar training course developed for Guam notaries public. The course includes online interactive lessons, applications, and information on the Online Notary Essentials Certification, and is currently free for Guam notaries public. The course is available to Guam notaries public via our website and can be accessed by following the instructions below: 

1. Go to www.bitly.com/guamreg

2. Fill out and submit the generated form.

3. After completing steps 1 & 2, an email will be sent within two business days containing username and password, which will allow you to log in and begin the course!


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2016 Notary Conference Powerpoint Slides in PDF format

Topic Presenter
2016 Notary Conference Agenda  
Your Notary's Role - Notary Powers and Duties OAG Deputy Attorney General Fred Nishihira
Remedy and Liability Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson
Grab-Bag of Notary Basics OAG Notary Clerk - Mr. Jay Fejeran
Fundamentals of Journal & Seals

OAG Assistant Attorney General Janice Camacho

Former President of Guam Notary Public Association Ms. Janet L. Rosario

Certificates & Authentication OAG Notary Clerk - Mr. Jay Fejeran
Bonding Moylan's Insur. - Ms. Vanessa Francisco
Intro to NNA Webinar Training NNA - Ms. Nicola Jackson & Ms. Susi Sivkov


Hon. Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., Senator, 33rd Guam Legislature
Notary Scenarios used in conference  
Amendments to Notary Law PPT Presentation  

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